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we'll have that coming up.
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good morning. breaking news we've been following since 4:30 this morning. why san jose police officers
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rushed to a downtown building. man hunt continues for a expolice officer tied to a deadly rampage. and good morning. we are live in san pablo where police are looking for very violent armed robbery suspects. we have the video to see who police are looking for. we are tracking the very latest on flight delays and cancellations due to that big storm in the northeast. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning february 8th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve you have a lot of weather stuff to talk about. >> ours is winding down. just beginning back east. for us ours give it credit. they had two pieces of credit. the last one is moving toward the monterey and peninsula. it will be a cool day.
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mainly partly cloudy and breezy. here is sal. 24 in lafayette westbound looks pretty good. the traffic between walnut creek and oakland is not too bad. also the morning commute on interstate 880 is looking good but remember the roads are wet. let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news out of san jose where police are investigating the death of a 24-year-old woman. officers found her body on st. james in san pedro around 3:00 this morning. they say it appears he fell from the 11th floor balcony of a high-rise on that block. now we're taking a look at the scene right now. some streets are still blocked off as police try to piece together what happened. investigators are not calling this a suicide but don't think foul play was involved at this point. ktvu janine de la vega is down there speaking with police on the scene right now. she'll have more information coming up at 6:30. time is now 6:01.
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we are also following that continuing policeman hunt for for a former los angeles police officer who is wanted for three revenge killings. the suspect christopher jordan dorner is accused of killing a couple in irvine and a riverside county police officer. this is covering southern california, parts of nevada, arizona, and mexico. tara moriarty is in our newsroom right now. you're all over this. do you know where investigators think he may be hiding out? >> reporter: right now they are in the big bear area. authorities say that rugged terrain and over night snow could provide dorner with cover. it could also help officers as they look for tracks in the snow. l.a. police chief said last night schools and businesses that were closed or in lock down would reopen this morning but according to the school district website that is not the case. schools are still shut down and we have contacted area ski
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resorts that are in a stand by mode. sheriffs deputies and local police have been going door to door warning of the 33-year- old. they are also conducting aerial searches and using canine units to try to track dorner. his burned out pickup truck was found on a forest road. today they will be tracking for the tracks. >> we want to have fresh people out there in the field on the ground and as i said we'll have plenty law enforcement in patrol cars all throughout the area. >> reporter: now the entire state of california is under a tactical alert and the search for dorner has now extended to arizona, mexico, and nevada where he owns a home near las vegas. a naval base was in lock down after someone spotted a person that looked like dorner there.
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perhaps trying to get a boat and head toward mexico. live from the newsroom i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:04. one example on how this man hunt has police officers on edge yesterday l.a. police detectives mistakenly shot a 71-year-old woman in the city ovator answer right outside of l.a.. believing she may have been that armed gunman. the woman was delivering newspapers with that daughter. police mistook their truck for his truck and the 71-year-old woman was shot twice in the back. dorner posted a manifesto about what he is doing explaning why he shooting rampage. you can find out his explanation on our channel 2 website happening right now it is already snowing on the east coast as a dangerous and monsterrous storm moves into the region. we want to take you live to time square where you can see it is wet.
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we understand it is very cold out there. two to three feet of snow expected in several states back east. emergency management teams are preparing for the worst. especially in areas still recovering from super storm sandy. many schools in massachusetts have canceled classes teat. people are usualed to take the day off. the big storm causing major problems at airports. more than 3,000 flights have been canceled today. cara liu is at sfo where she has been talking to passengers. it's becoming a big headache for people in the bay area. >> reporter: it sure is. a vast majority of the folks we talked to are indoors already because it is quite chilly out here. as you said a number of folks dealing with headaches and trying to take preventive measures to avoid the travel headaches. speaking of here's a look at la guardia airport in new york. these long, long lines as well as the thousands of delays and
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cancellations over all are because of that big storm in the northeast. back here at home take a look at the boards. dozens of flights canceled. primarily to and from the new york and boston area. we have talked to a number of travelers heading that direction. they have been scrambling trying to avoid the impact of the big storm. >> i took an earlier flight just to make sure it wouldn't later in the day. i have a direct flight odal last and so far everything looks great. i have a lot of peers from work that have to stay in san francisco. >> reporter: i've been talking to the duty manager here all morning long. right now they are reporting 55 cancellations. 38 are departures. 17 are arrivals. that number will likely continue to creep up throughout the day. right now san jose and oakland are not reporting any delays or cancellations but that number could change. we'll continue to check with all three baarea airports shout throughout the morning
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and bring you the very latest. for now we are live at sfo cara liu. >> while the snow is falling in some parts of the northeast dangerous conditions are expected this afternoon in boston. coming up at 6:22 we'll have a live report from boston with a look at what emergency crews are doing to prepare for this storm and how long it's expected to stick around. time now 6:07. back here at home police in san pablo within your help this morning. they are searching for two dangerous armed robbers. they want to take a close look at a surveillance video. brian flores is joining us live. you're in san pablo. tell us about this police search. >> reporter: the recent incident happened on wednesday at a convenient store called the farmers market. we drove by there about ten minutes ago. the storm is closed but no question the clerk and customer that were victimized are a little shaken up but expected to recover at a nearby hot.
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this is the second understand accident that happened in days. now let's get into this video. you can see the robber is violently telling the clerk -- the robbers took $2,000 in cash as well as cigarettes. >> when you look at clothing you want to start from head to toe. look at the hat, look at the clothing and shoes also. gives us a good description of the suspects. oftentimes they continue to wear the same clothing and in this case here we have a good video which depicts the robbery as it's occurring. >> reporter: police are depending on that video to help catch the suspects. police also say a second man ordered an employee and customer on the ground and shot each of them in the leg. farmers market is a the second location that has been targeted here. the other took place at a va lair hoe gas station.
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that incident three men stormed into the station. ordered an employee on to the floor. as for the victims in the robbery and shooting on wednesday at the farmers market, they are expected to be okay and recovering at a nearby hospital. coming up, a little bit in our newscast we will tell you the connecting factor in both of these robberies and hopefully catch these suspects. live in san pablo brian flores. we are starting in the east bay. look hack the the mccarthur maze. last time we had a crash that has been cleared. the traffic here looks pretty good. we had a crash eastbound. they made quick work of that. things have settled down earlier in the morning i think we had more crashes now. we still have a couple things to worry about. bay bridge is not one of them. there are no problems getting into the city. in san jose fremont area on the way from fremont to san jose
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southbound 680 at scott creek you can see traffic may be a little effected by a crash there. it's already on the shoulder. traffic here on 880 between hayward and fremont is not that bad. 14 minutes from 238 to mallory. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very good morning. chilly morning. we had scattered showers. not bad rain for some. not for everybody. secondary part of the system is moving in. some of the wrap around may give us a few isolated showers. rainfall totals. after that it was mainly about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. including sfo and oakland. our system that is moving out is scattered showers. partly cloudy this morning. most of this is heading into southern california. clearing tonight and cold and north wind will kick in. then it will turn northeast as we head over to sunday. winter weather advisory for a couple of hours. two to five inches of snow.
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30s on the temps and 40s. santa rosa is already 33 degrees. its will get even colder tonight and tomorrow. fremont you can get a little snow mix. snow will be around 2,000 to 2500 feet. still a scattered shower or two. morgan hill is lighting up a little bit. santa clara valley. you can see where the majority of this returns are. heading down toward the monterey. sun and clouds and showers. chilly and breezy. 50s on the temps. 52 and 53. cold saturday morning. windy but then cold sunday as well. sunny and warmer weather. maybe for awhile. another round of king tides will hit the coast today. that could mean unusually high water levels. during the last king tide event in december there was minor flooding in marin county. the tides are expected to be the highest today near coyote creek in santa clara county and near the dumbarton bridge. the governor of texas rick
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perry is coming here to california to the bay area. the pitch he's making to businesses while he's here. there are problems in the national cemetery. the number of remains found buried in the wrong spot. you can't move the tv there.
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♪ woof! woof! woof! ♪ ♪ woof! woof! woof! that does taste good. [ male announcer ] dole 100% real fruit juice blends. find your combination. time now 6:14. a new examination of the graves in the national cemetery found hundreds of problems. according to the department of veterans affairs bodies were
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found buried in the wrong spots. it also found almost 800 other problems inincluding unmarked or mismarked graves. most of the problems happen when head stones and markers were temporarily removed and then cleaned. the va says they are fixing the problems and have new policies in place to prevent it from happening in the future. president obama second term cabinet continues to take shape. today the president will take part in a farewell ceremony for out going defense secretary leon panetta. as jacqueline fell reports congress is focusing on the next cia director and whether john brennan supports using drones for targeted killings. >> reporter: pam, john brennan says that drone strikes are used only against targets who plan to attack the united states. brennan told senate intelligence committee led by dianne feinstein that drone strikes are never used as retro abuse for an earlier attack against americans. he says americans deserve to learn more about the procedures
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and practices for drones and targeted killings. republican senators want to know if brennan would rather kill terrorists with a drone or capture them. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible. >> reporter: another big topic of the day information sharing. senators complain they don't share enough classified information with them while sharing too much with the media. some republicans accused brennan and the cia of offering authorized leaks to help president obama in the when i see you next in a warning coming from out going defense secretary leon panetta about upcoming defense cuts. reporting live in washington jacqueline fell ktvu channel 2 news. texas governor rick perry is coming to california to try to lure businesses away to texas. his visit kicks off on sunday and will include stops in
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silicon valley, san francisco, and los angeles. it follows a radio campaign in which governor perry urges businesses to move in texas. in the ad he criticizes californias income and sales tax and touts the fact texas has no personal state income tax. time now 6:17. police in fairfield looking for the men that say duct taped and robbed a school janitor to steal ipads. 40 ipads were stolen. the men were armed. they ordered the janitor to the ground and duct taped him to the desk. it's not the first time the school has been targeted to steal ipads. it's been robbed three other times in the past four months. man charged with vandalizing a muni bus during the giants world series celebration goes back to court today. 22-year-old gregory is accused of smashing the windshield of a bus.
6:20 am
back in december he pleaded not guilty to those charges. now that vandalism back in october cost muni at least $1 million. police have made several arrests in this case but they are still searching for more people who may have been involved. 18mys after qualify -- 18 minutes after 6:00. could be getting busier. >> right now we are looking at some of the east bay commutes. especially highway 4 which is busier as i mentioned. the traffic is busier in antioch. it's not all that bad here as you drive to the bay point area. so if you are driving let's say you are getting on the road in pittsburg shouldn't be that bad for you. if you are getting on the road in antioch you know what you have to deal with. construction zone. bay bridge plaza is not that bad. usually right now we will have a bigger backup. no problems getting on to the bridge. and in san jose the south bay the commute looks good. let me move this. went the wrong way here.
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if we move it up you can see the road sensors are not pecking up a lot of traffic. it is 6:18 let's go to steve. sal, thanks. a mist of scattered showers around. san jose is reporting some. a lot toward monterey. you can see that is where the bulk of this still is. still the wrap around may give us a couple showers. 30s and 40s on the temps. that rain cranks up tonight into tomorrow. skies will clear out. the weekend looks sunny. big news on the weekend won't be here. it will be back on the east coast. snow has started in new york. maybely areas to the north. a whopper of a system. cape had 2.25 inches of rain. that is a lot of moisture. that is heading up. speaking of some of that. maybe a little snow mix. snow level could be down to 1500 feet or 2,000 feet. also toward morgan hill.
6:22 am
santa clara valley. the bulk is taking aim toward monterey and pebble. sun and clouds and showers. chilly. that wind will pick up out of the northwest a little bit later. highs today low 50s. sunday morning looks to be the coldest. next week looks sunny and warmer. time now 6:20. boy it's a storm they are calling a monster. you heard steve it's heading to the east coast. live pictures of boston looks calm right there. but it's coming. we'll tell you how much snow is expected to hit the east coast. we will bring you a live report from boston. why stars of the world champion san francisco giants are meeting with the media today.
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time now 6:23. the monster storm that is heading to the east coast today and tomorrow it's big and already hundreds of flights are canceled. our very cold and shiver reporter tory is live in boston. i'm sorry this is expected to be a record breaker. >> reporter: there is a lot of anticipation here about what this storm might bring. people are saying it could be a historic event an epic event. what we have heard so far is that the worst will come
6:26 am
through between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 this evening. we are talking about whiteout conditions, high winds, and then snow that could be measured in feet. the earlier you rise at la guardia the better chance your flight was on time. rather than canceled. >> i was really tired but you now i would rather get out on time and safely. >> reporter: passengers are lining up hoping to get out of town before a monsterrous blizzard gets in. in new york the mayor is optimistic the city can handle whatever is coming its way. >> having it happen over night friday into saturday is probably as good timing as we could have. >> from new jersey to maine thousands of pieces of equipment are standing by. >> we're really watching as the frigid cold temperatures and the driving winds and the light weight snow bulling right back into the roadways. so we have a real prolonged flight. >> stay off the streets of our city. basically stay home. >> reporter: earlier this week
6:27 am
the regions marked the 33rd anniversary of the deadly blizzard of 1978. there are some similarities between that historic beast and what is brewing today the outcome will not be quite as dramatic. >> 'the 78 blaze -- the '78 blizzard stalled for quite awhile. this storm looks like it will stall. instead of stalling for two to three days it may be more in the order of 12-24 hours. >> reporter: there has been a run of supply on hardware own grocery stores. >> you do have to prepare. >> reporter: now it's refrigerators stocked and shelves at the ready. everyone is advised to go home and hunker down and ride this out. the record amount of snowfall here in boston was back in 2003. 27.5 inches. to give you a sense of how big today could be, we're hearing it could be 25 to 30 inches of snow. some have it higher, some have it lower. all set to get under way in a
6:28 am
few hours. public transportation by the way starting at 3:30 today has been canceled and the governor has asked everyone get off the roads by noon. >> thank you tory. this morning several stars of the world champions san francisco giants will meet with the news media. they will promote tomorrow's fan fest at at & t park. as always it attracts big crowds as fans get autographs and get to meet the players. this fan fest will be bigger than usual. buster posey, tim lincecum will all be there promoting the event today. >> >> giants biggest fan sal castaneda is here. >> those lines. speaking of traffic jams those lines to get into fan fest they wrap all the way around down to like the waterfront there. >> wow. >> a lot of people. >> especially for fun for kids. good morning, everyone.
6:29 am
let's take a look at what we have. speaking of traffic it's moving along relatively well. we have a rough start but now things are settling down this is 280. and the sunol grade we watch that closely. not all that bad. 580 is getting thick as you come in from the altamont pass. let's go to steve. 32-degrees santa rosa right now. shower activity toward san jose. some of that cold air continues to filter in but most of the rain is heading out. look for partly cloudy and cool breezy day. highs only in the low 50s. our time is you 6:27. still on the trail of this accused killer. this wooded area that is being zeroed in on. we are live in san jose. police are investigating the death of a woman that fell from the high-rise. we'll tell you what police and neighbors are saying. we'll take you live to the opening bell. up next we'll tell you why ma
6:30 am
tell is ringing the bell.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news if they are ringing the opening bell there in new york. matell is there. look at barbie up front. i wish i brought the barbie i have. it's phenomenal. mattel ringing the bell and showing off their gadgets and goodies. we'll have all the business news coming up. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. ktvu channel 2 morning news friday, february 8th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. >> we have breaking news from downtown san jose. a woman fell to her death just hours ago. janine de la vega is the first reporter on the scene at 4:30
6:33 am
this morning. janine has the latest on the investigation and what you are hearing from neighbors. >> reporter: dave, police are about to wrap up their investigation out here. they've had this street st. james here in san pedro blocked off for the past 3.5 hours. they are right about to open it up. just at any minute now. they are cleaning up the crime scene. this believes to have been a horrible accident. this all happened at about 3:00 a.m.. police started receiving 911 calls that a person was on the ground. other reported hearing a loud thump in the area when officers arifed they found -- arrived they found the body of a 24- year-old woman lying on the street. they have been speaking to witnesses who say she was on the 11th floor of this condo complex. people were with her and somehow she fell off the 11th story balcony. police don't think this is a suicide and it appears to have been a tragic accident. residents were horrified to
6:34 am
hear the news. >> it's pretty incredible. very sad turn of events. i'm sure somebody is going to know her in the building and it will be not a very happy day for somebody. >> reporter: police are still investigating but they do not believe that this was foul play and they have not called in homicide detectives. the coroner has already come to the scene to collect the body after that they will be examining it for an autopsy. back out here live you can see again this scene is clearing here in just a moment. the crime scene cleaners are just about to pack up. they should be able to open up st. james street to all traffic. i just wanted to show you you know people are just reacting very badly to this. this building is 15 stories high. you can only imagine just the tragedy of this since somebody
6:35 am
fell off the 11th story. again police are believing that this appears to have been an accident. they'll have more answers once they finish talking to all the witnesses. reporting live from downtown san jose janine de la vega. time now 6:33 new this morning san jose police rearrested a man who slipped away in and escaped from police. 32-year-old anthony sanchez was taken into custody last night about 11:30. now police first arrested him wednesday for a parole violation. but he managed to maneuver out of his handcuffs while the police were doing the paper work. he drove off in an unmarked police van. it was later ditched. shortly after that police say witnesses reported seeing a man with dangling handcuffs stealing a truck from a 7- eleven parking lot. he was later spotted at a jack in the box before being arrested. a former los angeles police officer bent on revenge is still on the loose. it was this time yesterday morning when we first reported
6:36 am
that 33-year-old christopher jordan was suspected of shooting three police officers in river side county. he was already wanted on charges of killing a young irvine couple last weekend. massive man hunt now stretches across southern california and parts of nevada, arizona, and mexico. the big bear ski resort area in san bernardino county is under emergency lock down after investigators found his burned up truck on a forest road. the rugged terrain there could provide him cover in the area. 125 officers have been brought in to look for him. dorner is considered extremely dangerous with military and survival training. >> we want to have fresh people out there in the field, on the ground as and as i said we'll have plenty of law enforcement in patrol cars all throughout the area. >> now there are extra police patrols this morning at schools and ski resorts imparticular.
6:37 am
dorner is suspected of killing an irvine man and his fiance the daughter of a retired los angeles police captain who handled dorners appeal after getting fired from the department in 2009. he's also atuesdayed of first wounding an officer and killing a riverside officer and seriously wounding his partner. dorner has escaped capture for days now. he may be taking advantage of the elements. coming up a live report from los angeles police headquarters on how the weather could play a major factor in whether police could track him down. happening right now it's already snowing on the east coast as a dangerous storm is moving into the area. this is a live picture of central park in new york. snow is already falling there. two to three feet of snow is expected in several states. many schools in massachusetts have been canceled today. classes canceled and people are being urged to take the deoff of work -- take the day off
6:38 am
work and stay at home if they can. this is what it looked like in la guardia where many passengers are stranded. the advisory boards are it will up with flight cancellations. in fact more than 3,000 flights have already been canceled nation-wide and more are expected throughout the day. now the storm also bringing cancellations for passengers here in the bay area. ktvu channel 2 reporter cara liu is out at sfo where she has been talking to people that have been stranded since 4:30 this morning. >> reporter: a few additional cancellations to tell you about. traffic is starting to pick up just a little bit. we've been in contact with the duty manager here all morning long. there have been changes at least every hour. this is terminal two where american and virgin are located. a number of cancellations here primarily to and from new york and boston. philly is also seeing delays. we talked with a number of travelers that are trying to get to the northeast. many are taking preventive
6:39 am
measures. andrew jones has been trying to get to jfk. he's had two different flights canceled. now he is flying into d.c. and planning to drive to new york. >> bit of chaos. but owe know, it's one week i'm traveling in a whole month and it happens to hit. it will be manic on the planes. >> reporter: we've been checking with all three bay area airports all morning long for you. sfo is updating their number of cancellations to 57 right now. a vast majority are departures. right now san jose and oakland are not reporting any issues but officials tell us if you are flying today, it's a good idea to check with your airline even if you are not traveling to the northeast because there could be secondary delays in other parts of the country. live in sfo i'm cara liu. >> that is good advise. time now 6:37. the roads are wet in some spots. sal, owe are watching bridges too. >> that is right we have a new
6:40 am
crash that just happened on the bay bridge westbound. it is west of treasure island. you can see it here. this is involving a motorcyclist down in the lanes. westbound. that is why it's pretty dangerous when it's slippery conditions to be on a bike in these days. bridge crews have arrived on the scene. at least one of the lanes is blocked there. i can see one lane. i want to take a look at the incline section. the traffic is now at a standstill on the bridge. westbound into san francisco. this will be a major problem. it's also going to back up things at the toll plaza because right now take a good look at it. it's not that crowded. they will slow the metering lights down. probably 10-15 minutes from now we will come back to this and it will be jammed. you might want to think about this and head into the city. in a way use bart and the san mateo bridge. this is a big problem for the bay bridge. let's move along to steve now.
6:41 am
>> hold on sal. >> steve. >> go ahead. >> and now meteorologist steve paulson. brandon in pacifica said 36. the coldest air comes in around the noon hour. the noon hour. but it's already rather cold. santa rosa 32. now there is a lot of 30s and 40s. a little bit more cloud cover to the south. our system is moving out of the area. you can see the low taking parallel to the coast. not a bad okay system for this kind of pattern. unfortunately this looks like it for awhile. the five, seven, 15 day outlook are dry. there might be one system a week from sunday but i don't think it will do too much. everything will be east of us. oakland almost in there. san jose .08. san jose .07. generally a tenth of an inch. that is a kind of a pattern. things seem to be winding down up in the sierra. they could still get shower
6:42 am
activity. this is a big system. the good news it does not look like it will stall. it's moving up the carolina coast. there has been really heavy rain there. rain snow line lifts a little north. but i just got a nice tweet from scott saying informs in washington, d.c.. rain and snow mix will try to get out. for us maybe a little snow mix. snow level could be around 1500 to 2,000 feet. and things are really lighting up toward the santa clara valley. also down in monterey. it looks like things will be improving. 50s on the temps. not much of a difference here. cold tomorrow morning and windy. sunny and warmer weather takes us into next week. time now 6:40. one of california's biggest policeman hunts ever is still happening this morning. they are tracking former l.a. police officer christopher dorner accused of three revenge killings. reporter william live at parker
6:43 am
center. that is the l.a. police headquarters. william. >> reporter: the question is did christopher dorner get off big bear mountain? or is he caught up there in the snow. we don't know that. what we do know however his well trained he's well armed he's exnaval intelligence. exlapd. he knows how to get lost and not use his credit card or cell phone. here's the latest. heavy weather hitting big bear right now. the ski resort is basically in lock down. people are hold up in their houses pulling out their guns themselves. basically they have spent the last 18 hours 120 federal state and local officers looking for him on the ground. also with helicopters. no sign of this guy right now. so let me bring you up to speed on really what led to all this. it was 2007 he was still in a probationary period with lapd
6:44 am
and his supervisor a female officer said listen, i'm going to write you up, pull you from the field because you are not performing properly. you have poor judgment. it was about two weeks later that the with of them were called out to a scene and he claimed the female officer kicked a guy while he was handcuffed. internal fairs watched this investigation and found out that was untrue. that it was a lie. it was retribution for what he was saying and ever since he's held lapd responsible for ruining his reputation and now of course he's said that the killing will continue until the department apologizes which they say will not. dave back to you. >> live from los angeles. thank you. time now is 6:42. it has been a favorite for almost 30 years. the big change we are learning about this morning to an iconic san francisco diner. we are live in san pablo we
6:45 am
just received new survey lens camera. we'll tell you who police are looking for and what the robbers got away with. come on the bay bridge and the way in an injury accident emergency vehicles keep arriving and this is big trouble for you trying to get into san francisco.
6:46 am
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6:48 am
big trouble on the bay bridge. westbound motorcycle crash now blocking at least two lanes with the fire department and medics on the scene along with bridge crews. it does look like they've blocked more lanes since we first saw this. these are big delays on the bridge. the toll plaza is now becoming more crowded at the toll plaza. but it's not quite filled in. we are getting a little bit lucky because it's a friday. a lot of times by this time it's already filled in but it will soon. look at the bridge itself westbound. we don't want to lose the bridge. what i will do is take bart or leave the house early. go down to the san mateo bridge. if you are in marin county obviously if you are in upper east bay you might want to think about using richmond bridge to golden gate bridge instead of this. you don't want to be caught in this traffic. we'll follow this for you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:46. former l.a. police officer accused of a
6:49 am
deadly shooting rampage. he is still on the run this morning. christopher dorner suspected of killing a young couple in irvine and a river side county police officer. this man hunt is covering three states and mexico. yesterday investigators found his burned truck in the big bear resort area in san bernardino county. police in san jose are investigating this mornings death of a 24-year-old woman. she may have fallen to her death from an 11th floor balcony in downtown san jose. it happened at the city heights complex on west st. james streets. right now there is no sign of foul play. on the east coast bad weather. i mean a monster storm. more than 3,000 flights have already been canceled or delayed nationwide because of this storm and includes several flights from right here in the bay area. police in san pablo are asking for your help in search
6:50 am
for two dangerous armed robbers. they want even to take a close look at a surveillance tape obtained by ktvu. brian flores joins us. >> reporter: the men in that  surveillance video police say that that they are becoming more violent and brazen in their violent robbery attempts. now let's go to that surveillance video as you mentioned. this is video from the farmers market convenient store. that was on wednesday. you can see the robbers are violently telling the clerk as well as customer there to get on the ground. police tell us the robbers took about $2,000 in cash and several boxes of cigarettes. police also say they are looking for two asian males at this hour wearing dark clothing. >> up here on the left you can see the suspects are entering the business and the sung here in the hat and dark clothing is armed with a firearm.
6:51 am
he is telling the employees and the customers in here that this is a robbery and he's making demands for them to get on the ground. >> reporter: police also say one of the robbers ordered an employee and customer on the ground and shot them in the leg. this is the second location that has been targeted here in san pablo. the other took place on january 27th. and that incident three men stormed into the station. ordered an employee to the floor while the other two robbers took cash and cigarettes. they then took off in a black suv. now in this case we understand that the victims in this case were take ton a nearby hospital. they are expected to recover. police also say the mo in both cases are the same. the robbers taking large amounts of cash as well as a large amount of signatures as well. coming up on the newscast we will talk to police official and see if we can get more information. we are live in san pablo i'm brian flores.
6:52 am
time is 6:49. new this morning big changes for an iconic san francisco restaurant. the fog city diner will close march 15th for a major overhaul. then it will reopen as a new business called the fog city restaurant. it will be american style with a brand new bar. >> it's sad. it's a staple to the city here. it's been around for so long. i think it's a great place. a great location down here. >> now we don't know yet when it will reopen. we'll keep you posted. american style. >> yes. 6:50 is the time. sal, traffic problems on the bay bridge. >> that is right pam and dave. westbound motorcycle crash blocking two lanes. we have it right there. you can see san francisco fire department and police i'm sorry san francisco fire department and chp on the scene there. two lanes blocked on the bridge. i want to show you what it's going to traffic here. it's at a standstill. we still even have some
6:53 am
emergency vehicles trying to wave through all that slow traffic getting up to the span. this is bad news. if you want to think about alternate route you can use 880 down to the san mateo bridge and across the bay. that is not all that bad right now. things have been lighter than usual. you might want to take advantage of that. let's go to steve. cold readings out there. if you like towering cumulus clouds we are -- most of the rain is moving out of the area. 32 already in santa rosa. there is very cold air working its way in. it will continue to do so throughout the day. rain you can see the system is pushing parallel to the coast. you could get a little bit of snow mix. it wouldn't take much to get snow level around 2,000 feet. milpitas into fremont. i think a lot of that is really light but some decent rain. down toward morgan hill and gilroy. but also toward monterey. it looked like a lot of this is really accelerating. 50s out of the temps. low.
6:54 am
it will be a cool breezy day. partly cloudy skies. that wind will crank up. sunday though cold morning. thank you, steve. good economic data in this morning helping out stocks. we want to take you live to the big board. you can see the dow jones up almost 50 points at this point. and getting back closer to that 14,000 level nasdaq and s & p posting decent gains. calls for apple to let go of some of its cash. the company is apparently setting on $130 billion. that money belongs to investors. even uc berkeley accounting professors say it's very odd that apple is sitting on all this cash. two upstart san francisco tech companies combined $130 million last month alone. according to the san francisco business times new relaying has $80 million in new investments. app dynamics raised another $50
6:55 am
million. they both sell software. the new investment is more prof of resurgents. the new information about when the lights went without art the super bowl. the blame has officially been placed. good morning, on the upper deck of the bay bridge we have an injury crash that is causing big trouble for the bay bridge commute.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
time now 6:55. new this morning now we know what knocked out the lights at the super bowl. a new orleans power company says it was a bad electrical relay device. super dome went dark for 34 minutes bringing the game to a halt. company officials say that same device was tested earlier then it worked like it was supposed to. the 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has new tattoos and wants you to see it. this is what he posted on his instagram. what do you think? it's a new triable piece all over his chest. it was put there by a san jose tattoo artist. he also posted a photo showing it as it was happening. the design represents family, inner strength, spiritual growth, and humility. >> if he likes tattoos. coming up on 7:00. big problem on the bay bridge. >> yeah. it will be the headline all
6:59 am
morning. westbound motorcycle crash. west of treasure island. blocking a couple lanes. let's go right to it. there we have it there. you can see at least a couple lanes block two medic vehicles, a fire truck and bridge crews on the scene. the traffic is a huge mess coming in through. i want to show you the incline section of the bridge. very slow. and still have tow trucks on the way through this backup. the alternate route would be the san mateo bridge. i think it's a better route at this point. 6:57 let's go to steve. still some morning rain. cold rain down toward san jose right now. and down to monterey. system is pushing south. it will clear later on. it will not be very warm today. 50s on the temps. time now 6:57. coming up the massive policeman hunt goes on for that fired police officer threatening warfare on the lapd. the northeast bracing for what looks like a historic snowstorm. how it's effecting bay area rp
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